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The Environmental Debate.

The debate on Environment and Health matters is dominated by one-sided extremists.
Most Green groups advocate that the earth faces the greatest dangers - unless you save it by supporting their action, of course.
Most Skepticals pretend that there are no serious environmental problems and that all Greens are doom-saying leftist creationists.

Who's right, who's wrong?

Guess what? The truth is somewhere in the middle:
Green issues are neither black, neither white.
There are many environmental problems and health threats.
Some are really major, others are widely exaggerated.
Some are adequately addressed, others hardly acknowledged.
Some indicators are improving, others are worsening.
Both Greens and Skepticals tend to ignore or manipulate the scientific data that doesn't support their views.

Balanced views is published by two moderate individuals from both sides.
They both base their opinions on the best available scientific publications.
That's how can offers you balanced views that are truly supported by science.

Revised April 23, 2015