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About GreenBalance

Who are we?

GreenBalance is an informal association created by two individuals:

  • Diego M. has worked Latin America and Africa for several NGOs involved in sustainable rural development. He holds a master in Biology from a major US university and is currently looking for a job.
  • Jackie S. is a mechanics engineer that has worked in oil exploration in Asian countries. She is currently doing a post-graduate course in Lausanne.

Why this website?

We are both very concerned by the environmental problems facing the Earth.
But we both believe that only careful consideration for science and open dialogue will help solving them, rather than dogmas and confrontation.

This is why we are developing this and other websites: to increase the awareness on the real environment and health problems and on the measures that would be effective in solving them.

Who funds us?

No one. We are developing our websites on our spare time... which is unfortunately too scarce!

How to contact us?

Please send an email to " ".

Revised April 23, 2015