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What are the scientific facts on Global Warming ?

Thousands of Global Warming specialists meet under the UN in a worldwide organization called the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). They publish periodically an extensive report giving the state of science on global warming.

The last one, the "Third Assessment Report" on global warming, was released by the IPCC in 2001. It contains thousands of page written in the scientific jargon for global warming specialists. It is summarized in a language for non-specialists on

In short, it is very likely that human emissions are affecting our climate and causing global warming. The exact extent is largely unknown, especially at a regional scale.
But it is clear that the more greenhouse gases are emitted, the more drastic the consequences of global warming are likely to become.

Summary of the IPCC report on global warming:

1. What makes global warming?
2. How is climate changing and how has it changed in the past?
3. How is the climate going to change in the future?
4. What impacts of global warming have already been observed?
5. What impacts are expected in the future?
6. How do people adapt to global warming?
7. What are the current trends in greenhouse gas emissions?
8. What actions can be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
9. How can governments create incentives for mitigation?
10. Conclusion

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So what should be done against global warming ?

Revised April 23, 2015